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שירת רועים - גבינות צאן

Shirat Roim (Shepherds' Song) Dairy Farm

Goat and sheep cheese – Lower Galilee – Israel

Shirat Roim dairy farm is a boutique dairy that produces quality cheese from goat and sheep milk.


The dairy farm is located in kibbutz Lotem. The farm store is located in Lower Galilee's Kfar Kisch, opposite Mount Tavor. The farm currently produces 23 different varieties of sheep and goat milk cheese: hard, semi-hard, semi-soft and mature cheese (lactic) – all kosher.

Five of the cheese varieties have won medals in "Israel's Cheese of the Year 2009" contest. The gold medal winner, Inbar, represents Israel in The World Cheese Book by Juliet Harbutt and published in Britain in 2009.
Michal Mor Melamed, owner and cheesemaker of the dairy farm, along with Nirit Diga, produces the cheese in the traditional method from strictly natural raw products in a local terroir environment.


Michal, an experienced audiologist and speech therapist, had an incidental exposure to cheese production in the summer of 2005 during a paragliding holiday at Switzerland's Bernese Alps. Since then, she studied the craftsmanship of cheese making in Israel, Switzerland, France and Italy. In 2008, she established Shirat Roim dairy farm, which became her life project.

In May of 2014, Michal received an honorary membership in the global cheese guild (Guild Internationale Des Fromagers confer'erie De Saint Ugozon) named after Saint Augustine, in a ceremony that was held in the French ambassador's home in Israel.

Four out of five cheeses of the dairy that represented the dairy farm in the world championship - Mondial du Fromage 2015 in France , won international medals.

Ma'ayan Harod – A hard cheese made of sheep milk Tomme style, with tantalizing mild and nutty flavors. It takes 6-9 months to mature and is prepared in rolls weighting 2kg with an extended shelf life. GOLD MEDAL.

Ein Muda – A hard cheese made of sheep milk Pecorino style, taking the cheese to mature 10-12 months and produced in rolls weighing about 4kg with an extended shelf life. The cheese was the silver medalist in "Israel's cheese of the year 2009" contest. SILVER MEDAL

Inbar – The dairy farm's flagship cheese - A spicy, semi-hard cheese. Inbar is the dairy farm's development and inspired by Mutschli cheese produced in small dairy farms of the Bernese Alps. The cheese won the gold medal and represents Israel in the World Cheese Book. The cheese has different varieties: added thymine, red wine, mustard seeds, crushed pepper, kummel seeds or cumin seeds. With a mild flavor, its shell infuses brine with Swiss herbs. It is prepared in rolls weighing nearly 2kg each that take two months to mature. BRONZE MEDAL

Kmehim - A semi-hard sheep cheese with slices of black truffles soaked in truffle oil. As a mild cheese, it is inspired by cheese from the Pyrenees, with a distinct truffles flavor. This type of cheese is made in small rolls weighting about 700 grams each that take 5-8 weeks to mature. BRONZE MEDAL


Shirat Roim dairy farm – Michal Mor Melamed
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Kibbutz Lotem/Kfar Kisch